04 April 2015

Short story of the Unexpected.....PART 2.


Miles parents felt let down  that he didn't join in School activities like Tom did.
 "Wish you were more like Tom , why cant you do the things Tom likes to do.Your embarrassing us Miles , your a lazy baby.Tom doesn't embarras his parents , he makes them proud!".
Miles Father chanted most weekends.
"We'd swap you for Tom anyday!"

 Tom stepped from the shower grabbing blindly for his LFC towell.
Two Police cars turned into Toms driveway.Miles first heard the gyrating gravel , then saw the roofs of the squad cars with their black lettering from the upstairs window.
 Tom was naked drying his hair blinded by the towell as he whistled.
The force that Miles hit Tom was almost super human.The spade was heavy for a 10yr old , but Miles still managed to slice straight through towell , skin , skull and brain in one sick hit . He hit Tom's head with the sharp side edge as he swung it around full force.
Toms head split open as he fell to the ground.The LFC towell draped over his head and shoulders , getting redder , legs in a knot dead.

Police had entered Margaret and David Cords house , knowing something was wrong . Front door unlocked , two smart phones with dozens of messages and missed calls . They searched but found no one.
 Knowing of the close friendship between the Cords and Allens they went to speak with them for any information or answer's.
 There was no answer?
The police had been informed that Tom played Rugby on that morning , and his parents waited for him to return normally ?.

 Seargeant Morris was sure hed seen an upstairs curtain move...but a big house , a draft maybe ? He wasnt sure of himself , but he knew something wasn't right.
 He called for back up , an armed unit with a door iron , they had to be quick but carefull.

Margaret and David Cord were home , but they were in bags behind the washing machine and dryer.
Miles had been studying poisons for a few months. He  dissolved Laurel bush leaves in solvents to extract cyanide.
He wasnt sure if he had followed the web site correctly , but he administered the clear White liquid into Mum and Dads  Thursday morning coffee.
Miles waited in his room for 40 minutes listening for any sounds . Nothing.
 He walked into their bedroom hesitantly , he looked to the bed , his parents lay in coffee stained sheets and both very dead.

 To heavy to move , he patiently cut through them with state of the art ceramic knives.He cut methodically and neatly .
 He placed four legs and four arms on the floor on a seperate duvet.Torsos and heads stayed on the bed while he started bagging up arms and one leg in one bag ,one leg and a torso in another . He did feel I sprinkle of guilt which is why he puts their heads in the same hessian garden sack.
 Because they died before Miles dismembered his parents  bodies there wasnt as much blood and bits as he'd imagined .All mess stayed on the duvets , sheets and Miles naked body.

  He spent 2 hours stashing the heavy sacks in the laundry room , showered then went to Toms house.

03 April 2015

A Short story of the Unexpected...PART ONE.


Thurwell was a very affluent village , situated between the Two rivers , the Dee and Mersey , North West England.
  Famous footballers , former Beatles and film stars all owned  homes of sandstone in this postcard pretty village.
  Miles Cord and Tom Allen where best friends ,Tom lived in a 3 story sandstone castle , well almost a castle in the most affluent part of the village, neighboured by rich folk who obsessed with striped lawns and expensive cars. Miles lived about a mile away in a country cottage , porch bordered with Summer flowering honeysuckles , a perfumed porch.
  Tom and Miles attended the same village primary school , their parents both involved in school and village events and where best of friends . All growing up in the same village had formed a close friendship over the generations.

 Summer school holidays had arrived and even the Sun shone for a good few weeks . Bees and Butterflys fluttered by while Tom and Miles played dead and jumped off things .
   Miles was staying Thursday till Sunday he informed Mrs Allen ,  as he slugged his Vimto down , burped ,  then ran through the double doors into the garden to jump off more things with Tom .
 Friday , Tom and Miles bought balloons . They where sure if they blew enough up, held on and jumped off Toms garage roof they would glide graciously onto the soft striped lawn. They fell straight downwards quickly, brushed themselves down and continued to jump off things with bouncing balloons on strings trying to keep up.

 Saturday morning after Mrs Allen had cooked breakfast , Tom was picked up for his inter school Rugby match . Tom loved rugby as much as football , but he loved Liverpool Football Club the best.

 Miles answered the door to Tom , as Tom waved to Mr Warren the Rugby coach.Tom ran through the house and straight upstairs , "Wheres Mum and Dad Miles?" Tom shouted , "Gone shopping I think , be back soon they said ".
Tom stepped into the shower , eager to get building dens and jump off high things!