28 March 2015


Choose a mask he shouted, hide yourself behind it.
You make me sick is what he said.
He grabbed my head.
Choose a mask! he screamed!
Spit hit me, he grinned sins at me.

He was the lowest gold, a dirty diamond,
short but broad.
He looked like a fisherman and stank,
stank of bait and hate.
Spat when he screamed.

Choose your mask now!
You can't comprehend me he said,
Im incomparable he said.
Choose a mask he shouted quickly,
choose a fucking mask, manically.
He hit himself against things in front of me,
berated and hated me,shouted foul smelling
words at me.

Tears swell and bowells fell.
He repeated his mask mantra, incessant insanity.
Choose your mask!
But I never believed he wanted me dead.

Fowl flew and barn doors too.
Paratroopers grouped stooped and trooped
the small broad man.

Choose your masks he screamed at the troopers.
Pop of a gun, red dust flew around his head.
He fell dead clutching two masks in one hand.
But i think i understand.
If one man has two masks hes not a man,
he's to sick.

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