20 March 2015

Cowboy and Clown.

Like hell when you close your eyes,
if only.
Haunted and lonely.

Clown's and Cowboys taunt me, grinning.
Clowns bow tie spinning.
Cowboy changes colours and keeps grinning.

Whens it gonna end, this brain bend,
this sick claw inside.
Whens my mind mend, and the claw withdraw?

Got more gruesome faces.

I see they've decided to climb inside my mind and
find the pulleys to pull, to make my skull shake,
shatter and break.

So tears fall like the clowns, as the cowboy rides through
But the Clown and Cowboy that haunt me,
return to taunt me, and I laugh at them, then shoot them.
Then the sunrises.

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