28 March 2015

Oh Shantaram....

your word's are glued to my blood,living with me.
Did you really press your lips to the sky and lick the stars?
I bet you did, words dont lie.

Did you taste Space?
Nibble Mars , lick some stars?
I know you did Shantaram.
Was it cold? Space have colour?
Does Purple night drape the Desert of Forever?
Or another colour smother the other?

Did you see Winged Women, cellophane Princesses
floating, did you hear their wings beat?

Did you hear death cries as Stars fell from dark skies?
Can you hear that up there?
Was the air full of dreams, Space beams , strange flying machines?
Did you see it Shantaram?

Shantaram licked the stars, and Uncle Sam went to Mars.
Did you see that?
Did they see that?
Would you do that?
Land on Mars or kiss Stars?

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