20 March 2015

Liberty Caps

Everything was too fast.
Everything moved and breathed.
Everything was hectic and manic,
wide eyed and panic!

Fireworks poured out of clouds, and fires cackled blue.
I saw the atom sign above houses, it was revolving,
turning in on itself, then massively wide and whooshing!

People were distorted, my feet felt wet in my Nikes.
Stuff in my eyes, floating head debris and gold

I stumbled through rocks, rough terrain.
I climbed through rock over and under through the other sides,
to where I started.
Scrapped my knee on scree and red powder blew around me.

The atom sign still whooshing overhead.
The Liberty Cap still whooshing inside my head.

Giant black letters of felt whipped out of lights,a lighter produced
flying black felt letters, bird like.
Spelling bad things.
Car headlights throwing out words.
Streetlights buzzed with flapping black letters of leathery felt.
Moths and vowells around lights in towns.
Word's bouncing off bins into shop windows and sticking,
lights flicking, words whipping!

Then it stopped, felt black letter's crawled into floor spaces and vanished.

Lights stopped because the Sun rose.
I coughed gently, wiped my mouth and turned my head, swallowing
Fingers tingled as i put more Liberty Cap's between my lips.

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